The Training Academy

The Training Academy is set up in the recognition for the need to fulfill the training of pupils in various fields in security.  Exciting opportunities await the graduates

The academy has NQF Training System in place and qualifications obtained are internationally recognized.

Students are taught the basic platform of security in the first year leading up into specializing in various fields in the second and third years.

The training leads to careers which include K9 Handling, crime scene monitoring,  anti poaching,  intelligence and body guarding.

Certificates are registered and accredited with the relevant authorities.

Hello, my name is Susan Coetzee.
I am the training facilitator for Tactical Task Force.
Please fill out our online form under the Contact Section so we can get into contact with you.
I look forward to meeting you.

Other Training Courses we also offer:

  • Covid - 19 training
  • PSIRA Grades
  • PFTC Firearm Training
  • SASSETA National Certificates
  • First Aid
  • Firefighting
  • OHS (Occupational Health and Safety)

Lets Break it down for you

  • Covid 19 Awareness Training
  • Risk assessment and training within the workplace that is registered with the South African Institute of Occupational Health and Safety, FP and M SETA.
  • PSIRA Grades
  • E - Patrol officer
  • D - Access Control Officer
  • C - Security Site Supervisor
  • B - Junior Management
  • A - Senior Management
  • PFTC Firearm Training
  • All makes of firearms for personal and business purposes.
  • SASSETA National Certificates
  • National Certificate in General Security Practices
  • National Certificate in Specialized Security Practices
  • Firefighting and OHS
  • Tactical Task Force training certificate for OHS and Firefighting.
  • First Aid
  • Labour department and HWSETA accredited First Aid (valid for 3 years).
  • Level 1-3
  • Babyproof First Aid
  • Tactical First Aid